Beginner's french

Beginner's French Course

Beginner’s French (A1/A2)  is a 10-week course that helps students gain basic knowledge of French. It is the base for the future leves in French proficiency. During the course, student will learn, among other topics, how to use familiar expressions and everyday phrases in French, how to introduce oneself and how to introduce others, how to ask and answer basic questions and hold simple conversations. The course is intended as a solid base for interaction with others in French as a conversational starter. The second level builds on previous structures and vocabulary previously learned in order to offer learners more confidence in French language proficiency. 

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Private lessons

Private French Lessons

8-weeks of lessons are tailored to address an individual’s particular needs with flexible scheduling and locations possible.

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Advanced french

Advanced French Course

Advanced French (C1/C2) is a 10-week course focused on a more advanced knowledge of French. They target students with a solid grammatical base as well as a fairly rich oral expression in French language. They are aimed as a reinforcement of their previous knowledge while building new linguistic skills in refining their proficiency. The students following this course will be able to use French efficiently in any social interaction from informal conversations about social, political and cultural events to formal gatherings such as cocktails, receptions, conferences and business meetings. 

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French for tourism

French for Louisiana Tourism

The course “Francais pour le tourisme en Louisiane” is an 8-week course intended for those who have had some previous study of French. It is a customized course for tourism and hospitality services employees to improve their speaking skills in French in order to work partially or entirely in French. It presents specific vocabulary and expressions as well as the grammatical structures used to welcome clients and visitors traveling to Louisiana. The course takes a communicative approach and emphasizes role-playing and real-life simulations, giving students topical hands-on knowledge.

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Louisiana French for Beginners (cajun French)

Louisiana French aka "Cajun French" for Beginners

Duration: 8 weeks

Dates: TBD (need a minimum of 3 students to start a session)

Location: 735 Jefferson Street, Lafayette, LA 70501

Course Description
This course, designed for true beginners and emerging learners who want to practice using their French in real communication, will be taught by Amanda LaFleur, former professor of Cajun French at LSU, author of Tonnerre mes chiens! and co-editor of the Dictionary of Louisiana French. 

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Introduction to Kouri-vini (Louisiana creole)

Intermediate French

Intermediate French Course

Intermediate French (B1/B2) is a 10-week course that sets the groundwork for mastering the French language. The learners at this level will go through more advanced structures and expressions used in daily conversations on varied topics in today’s society such as shopping, traveling, using bank and insurance services, etc. The intermediate level students will be able by the end of the course to understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to everyday life, communicate simple routines and tasks, describe their background, immediate environment and basic needs just to name a few objectives. 

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business french

Business French

The course “Français pour les affaires” is a 2-module course (which can also be taken separately) each consisting of 8-weeks and is intended for those who have had some previous study of French and have some level of fluency. It is geared toward French communication in a business context. The first emphasis is on communication within and outside of a company at different levels of interaction: peers to peers, board of advisors/boss to employees, management and clients. The second emphasis of the course will be the reinforcement of French language skills as well as specific vocabulary used in leading business in a French/Francophone context. 

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A minimum of 3 registered students is needed to start a class (except private classes)