Success: Télé-Louisiane & NTRFST Vol. 1: Le Prototype

2018 has been an incredible year in Francophone Louisiana. 

Whether via France-Amérique’s numerous articles, Agence France Presse, perhaps Facebook or even local Louisiana media like KATC or Astheure, we made history on the morning of October 11th when the biggest news since “The Sale of Louisiana” (1803) hit social media.

Admitted with a unanimous vote, we became an observing member of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (English description). 

In response, the Alliance Française de Lafayette (AFL) is seizing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to launch NTRFST : a year-long fund-raising campaign with monthly festivals aiming to drive awareness and to increase AFL's capacity to execute upon its missions of growing and accentuating Francophone languages and cultures in Lafayette and beyond.

And boy, was it a success.

NTRFST | Vol. 1  Le prototype took place on Saturday, November 17th at the Wurst Biergarten and Parc Lafayette in downtown Lafayette, Louisiana, and featured some of the area's top beat makers, producers, and DJs looking to create the future sounds of French Louisiana along with several special surprises well worth the admission. 


We also announced our collaboration with a multilingual Louisiana start-up Télé-Louisiane whose teams come from all over the state and feature media providing visibility covering themes related to culture, terre (earth/land), langues, and peuple Louisianais — to name a few. Their videos on Facebook have received thousands of views and shares. One of the most popular coming from the first few hours of NTRFST where children from local Lafayette elementary schools interviewed with co-founders Will McGrew and Rachel Perry Kiefer.

Check out the videos of the performances from Vol. 1 Le Prototype on Télé-Louisiane’s Facebook page.

Future editions of NTRFST will travel around different venues in both the Lafayette area and beyond — incorporating diverse sights, sounds, and flavors from throughout la Francophonie.

Of course, students and AFL members get discounted entry. Message us for your promo code:

Stay tuned to our blog for details on December’s event and by liking NTRFST on Facebook.

Télé-Louisiane + Alliance Française de Lafayette

Télé-Louisiane + Alliance Française de Lafayette