Louisiana French aka "Cajun French" for Beginners

Louisiana French aka "Cajun French" for Beginners


Duration: 8 weeks

Dates: TBD (need a minimum of 3 students to start a session)

Location: 735 Jefferson Street, Lafayette, LA 70501

Course Description
This course, designed for true beginners and emerging learners who want to practice using their French in real communication, will be taught by Amanda LaFleur, former professor of Cajun French at LSU, author of Tonnerre mes chiens! and co-editor of the Dictionary of Louisiana French. 

Start Learning

The class will be immersed in the local French vernacular starting on day one, using Louisiana French in lively, engaging, fast-paced activities. In addition to the usual beginner themes such as greetings, weather, family, and physical description, students will learn structures and vocabulary they can use while celebrating Mardi Gras, which falls on the first Tuesday after the course ends.